23 years without disposable plastic bags at the supermarkets in France

In France, the popular supermarket chain Leclerc decided to ban single-use plastic bags in 1996 in their network of 600+ stores. The initiative had very few supporters at first, but they believed it was the right approach.
Their campaign to educate their shoppers and partners with aesthetic visuals and engaging message remains relevant today as the Canadian government announced that it plans to “ban harmful single-use plastics as early as 2021”.

Are you ready to replace the plastic bag?


"83% of French people do not want a disposable plastic bag anymore. Time to act. (removed from our stores since 1996)"

Leclerc advertising against plastic bags

"Disposable plastic bags come at a price. (The E. Leclerc bag is consigned for 0.15ct, exchangeable for life. An exception that should be a rule.)"

Leclerc advertising against disposable plastic bags

"Without you, Nature has lost in advance. (The E. Leclerc bag is consigned for 0.15ct, exchangeable for life.)"


"There are places where we do not want to see our name. With your help, let's put an end to plastic bag pollution."

In 2016, France officially banned single-use plastic bags. 

We do not miss them, seriously.

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