The thrift of the month

Fast fashion impact on the environment is serious, we know too well. Let's share something positive about the joys of thrifting and circular economy. I've always enjoyed a Sunday stroll at a flea market back in France and when I travel I can't resist visiting vintage fairs. Special mention for the sellers with a vast knowledge of manufacturing process and history, I always learn something from them.
Even my kids seem to have developed a good eye for vintage bargains. Little G spotted a Hess fire truck toy at a fair for $1, later we found out it was a collectible selling on eBay for $40!
Well-made and guaranteed items have a longer life cycle.
My finds of this month: A wool blanket from to watch Netflix, an Alpine Lowe backpack spotted on Kijiji for my upcoming hiking expedition, a pair of Northface waterproof pants for all-weather bike commute from FB Marketplace, a crepe skirt from the Realreal because... this is Prada for the price of Zara!

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  • Nice article! I really liked your stroy.

    Mamadou Ndiaye

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