Tote Bags

Picked up by Oprah and appraised worldwide for their craftsmanship and palette of colours, these Net Bags fold into your purse and widen to carry your groceries, and so much more. Pick your favourite colour and take it everywhere. Who said eco-friendly items should be all beige? Filt colours are respectful of the environment and health, certified by the label Oeko-tex.

Filt Tote Net Bag Medium - Teal Blue- Made in France - Clementine Boutique
Filt Sold Out
Teal Blue
Filt Canada Tote Net Bag Rainbow Made in France
Filt $26.00
Filt Tote Net Bag - Apple Green - Clémentine Boutique
Filt Sold Out
Apple Green
Filt Tote Net Bag - Carrot Orange - Clémentine Boutique
Filt Sold Out
Carrot Orange