Weaved with natural fibres, in short circuits and with sustainability in mind. Collect a daily dose of happiness for every day.

Tissage Moutet Canada - Para tapas- Clementine Boutique
Tissage Moutet $8.00
Saveur Provencale Towels Made in France Winkler Clementine Boutique Canada
French tea towels Paris Vintage Pastry shop Clementine Boutique Canada
Filt Canada Tote Net Bag Rainbow Made in France
Filt $26.00
French Camembert tea towel Made in France Winkler Canada Clementine Boutique
Cat French tea towel Dubout Made in France Clementine Boutique Toronto Winkler Canada
Filt Tote Net Bag Medium - Teal Blue- Made in France - Clementine Boutique
Filt $26.00
Teal Blue
Filt Tote Net Bag - Apple Green - Clémentine Boutique
Filt $26.00
Apple Green
Art Deco Tea towels French Tea Towel Winkler Canada Clementine Boutique Toronto
Winkler $20.00
Margaux tea towel Winkler Canada made in France Clementine Boutique Toronto
Le Petit Nicolas Little Nicholas teatowel Goscinny and Sempé Made in France
Filt Tote Net Bag - Carrot Orange - Clémentine Boutique
Filt $26.00
Carrot Orange