Our new textile selection

The new textile selection of kitchen towels, placemats and aprons is coming soon! This selection expresses French textile known-how, commitment to sustainability and French graphics. The Winkler house is a textile editor based in Strasbourg, since 1892. It creates collections that enhance French heritage and bear witness to the technical mastery of local textile workshops. It collaborates with talented illustrators and applies its “French art of living” through motifs from gastronomic and cultural heritage. Some people enjoy so much the design of their the kitchen towels that they frame them as pieces of art (!) The illustrations are hand-drawn, with preference given to natural materials. All the prints are silk-screen printed to preserve the brightness of the colours. The inks are water-based and contain no solvents or phthalates. They guarantee a very good resistance to washing, light and rubbing. From creation to the finished product, they encompass all the French textile know-how.

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