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The legendary 24cm Food mill by Guillouard is the classic gourmet tool to prepare puree, jams, compotes, sauces and baby food.

3 disks included.
N ° 1: Grids with small holes for apple sauces, fruit coulis, tomato juice, etc.
N ° 2: Medium hole grid for purees, soups and all common uses.
N ° 3: Coarse grid for stringy vegetables: raves, cooked salads, spinach, leeks, etc.

  • Comfortable handle
  • Easy to adjust on the top of any bowl
  • 5-year guarantee Stainless Steel - Made in France.  Hand wash recommended.
  • Large 2.2-litre capacity (9 cups 1/3)
Virtually unchanged since 1939, this traditional food mill is still favoured in Europe and by professional chefs around the world for the control it provides. It forces food through a perforated disc, processing it into a consistent texture. It can be used on any bowl or pot from 6” to 10" in diameter, and it has notched feet that stabilize on the vessel’s rim. The hand crank is easy to operate, requiring less effort than a hand-held masher.