Lys Freshbox Square Bowl with frosted lid


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Size: L11 cm - 4 3/8"
Color: Frosted

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The Duralex Lys is a versatile food storage solution from freezer to table and fridge to microwave. Duralex Lys Freshboxes come in handy for meal prep or leftover storage. You'll appreciate their easy-to-store in the fridge yet elegant shape on your table. Duralex Lys is non-porous and does not absorb liquids, colours or flavours. 

  • Snack-size: 30cl L11 cm x H5 cm - (3 1/3 Fl. oz.  L4 3/8" x H1 5/8")
  • Salad Bowl size: 3.1l  L23 cm (104 Fl. oz. L9")
  • Thermal shock resistant from -4 F to 212 F.   
  • Suitable for microwave and freezer use. Dishwasher safe.
  • Stackable, impact and chip-resistant durable tempered glass.
  • BPA Free frosted transparent lid.
  • Made in France by Duralex.
  • This product is sold without any plastic packaging. 100% recyclable glass.

Named after the Lys River which traverses through France and Belgium, Lys Square by Duralex embodies utility and beauty for every day.