Classic Beechwood Vegetable & Fruit Peeler Knife
Nogent*** Classic Beechwood Peeler

Classic Beechwood Vegetable & Fruit Peeler Knife

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Stainless steel sharp edge to peel fruits and vegetables with thin or thick skins.

The tip of the blade is machined to allow you to easily remove the “eye” of the potato. 

Guaranteed for life. 100% Made in France. Ergonomic, Versatile, Precise, Manoeuvrable. 

Comfortable beechwood handle, extra-strong tang with aluminum rivets. Satin-finish bevelled hand-sharpened blade for excellent cutting quality.

A piece of craftsmanship in your hands: Nogent is a manufacturing company based in Champagne since 1923. Nogent*** knives have been kitchen staples for three generations of French families. 

Start your cooking tradition with Nogent***!

Handle made of beechwood, naturally dried for one year, from certified well-managed forests in France. Guaranteed for lifetime use.