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Peugeot Naka Flaxseed Mill
Peugeot Naka Flaxseed Mill Packaging
Peugeot Naka Flaxseed Mill Spoon
Peugeot Naka Flaxseed Mill Mechanism
Peugeot Naka Flaxseed Mill Cleaning
Peugeot Naka Flaxseed Mill Cleaning
Peugeot Naka Flaxseed Mill detail
Peugeot Naka Flaxseed Mill Brush
Peugeot Naka Flaxseed Mill Instructions
Naka Flaxseed mill - Natural wood

Naka Flaxseed mill - Natural wood

Peugeot Saveurs
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Get the benefits of the Flaxseeds with a unique mechanism

Peugeot Naka Flaxseed mill is an elegant wood mill with a specific mechanism designed to grind flax seed to sprinkle your salads, soups, poke bowls, yogurts or to add your muffin batter.

Flaxseed has garnered the "superfood" label, as a source of fibre, one of the 10 foods that are the richest sources of omega, and essential in the plant-rich diet. To make the most of all the nutritional benefits, it is essential to grind the seeds just before eating, because their shells cannot be assimilated by the body.  Flaxseeds keep very well in their whole state, but they can quickly become rancid on contact with air and light, after being ground. 

• Easy to disassemble and to clean
• 1 spoon of 10g included
• Cleaning brush included
• 11 cm - 4 1/2”
• Wood from PEFC™-certified European forests

• Gently remove the mechanism to brush clean with the tool provided. 

Made in France by Peugeot.

Specially created to grind flaxseed and sesame.

5 year guaranteed.

Peugeot Saveurs manufactures in France the most famous mills in the world since 1840 and can be found in the most famous restaurant tables. After coffee, salt and pepper they created the specific Peugeot Naka Flaxseed mill in 2017. A patented mechanism designed specifically to grind flax and sesame seeds, or sesame seeds mix and flaxseed mix, suitable for their consistency and hardness.