Degrenne, French Craftsmanship and Lifestyle

Since 1948, the Maison Degrenne has established itself as a symbol of French lifestyle and a must-have in family homes as it is in high-profile restaurants, luxury hotels and business class airlines.

Mr. Guy Degrenne circa 1960

Craftsmanship accessible to everyone

Guy Degrenne started as an entrepreneur driven by a vision: making fine craftsmanship accessible to everyone. He saw stainless steel as a material whose strength and longevity made the perfect choice for cutleryeasy care, modern style and affordability. He had a second revolutionary idea: recycle the armour of the tanks abandoned on the Normandy beaches after the WW2 to use the cutting dies and press tools that would make the cutlery.
Degrenne crafting cutlery

Creativity for the foodies

Degrenne established a product unit in Vire, Normandy (also known for its Camembert Cheese and Apple Cider), and further expanded with a porcelain factory near Limoges. Inspired by the chefs, the Degrenne collections grace the table of the foodies all over the world. Today at the Vire and Limoges production centres, passionate craftspeople perpetuate expertise and innovation, such as the new range created in collaboration with designer Philippe Starck

Degrenne collaboration with Starck

The Salam Teapot, Tea never tasted so beautiful

An icon of the Maison Degrenne since 1953, the Salam teapot is instantly recognisable. Its exuberant spout is inspired by the Bedouin teapots and the welcoming hospitality of sharing a freshly brewed pot. The Salam's design combines the artisanal expertise of Degrenne: metal and porcelain. Sold in 45 countries, it is exposed at the MoMa in New York. Beautiful AND Smart: it felt-lined warmer keeps tea at an optimum temperature for twice as long as a classic teapot. Its Mid-Century Modern design remains a unique piece to this day: a Salam teapot is sold every 20 minutes around the world! 


Degrenne Salam teapot atmosphere in living room