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Spring is in the air.

Green means new beginnings, health, harmony, hope, and peace. A touch of colour that feels good these days.

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Bringing sustainable objects for your home that can be reused, repaired and recycled. Beautifully crafted for everyday use. Made in France for everybody.


You can find beautiful French homeware in this online boutique. Exceptional quality products you can keep for a lifetime. Love my net bag 😍😍😍

Our scissors are beautifully made. It’s strange today that almost everything we purchase is made, not in the country of its origin, but where a cheaper version can be produced. So, 'Made in France’ is very satisfying as one places a greater value on such excellent quality.

Probably due to a bit of arthritis, I have been unable to open a can - I have had no problem with this very ordinary household task of opening a can since using the Nogent which my daughter gave me for Christmas.