Why Made in France goods are sustainable for the People+Planet?

Craftsmanship and History 

Manufacturers have been around for generations: Filt since 1860, Duralex since 1945, Degrenne since 1948. They have established a solid reputation for their unique and reliable products that have passed the test of time, balancing tradition and innovation. Their savoir-faire and production levels make their products affordable and qualitative. You are not only getting yourself a piece of craftsmanship and legacy for your home, but you are also getting a collectible. Et voila!

Environmental Impact and Social responsibility

We are conscious of our environmental impact. Components for Duralex glassware are sourced nearby the production site to limit their carbon footprint. Nogent is committed to an environmental approach to energy savings and water treatment. Filt Net shoppers are certified free of harmful chemicals. Filt is embracing to Corporate Social Responsibility, working with a rehabilitation workshop. Good for you, the others and the planet.

Sustainable by Design

 Made in France products may cost slightly more at first but you will surprise yourself saving money on the long run. Let's cut down on plastic and waste. Duralex glassware is recyclable, our cutlery is guaranteed for life. Humble and non-fussy design objects bring joy to your everyday life. 

Buy it once and use it for life.