Made by Degrenne since 1953, The Salam Teapot allows you to prepare loose tea to perfection. A piece of design, part of the New York MoMa Collection to enjoy for a lifetime. A Salam teapot sells every 20 minutes in the world. After all, it is always teatime somewhere.
Degrenne Canada Salam White Teapot 4-cup Clementine Boutique
Degrenne from $140.00
White Porcelain - Shiny Stainless Steel Cover
Roger Orfèvre $11.00
Degrenne Canada Salam Matte Black Teapot 4-cup - Clémentine Boutique
Degrenne Sold Out
Degrenne Canada Salam Black Teapot 4-cup Clementine Boutique
Degrenne Sold Out
Black Porcelain - Matte Stainless Steel Cover