Our Mission

We bring sustainable objects for your home that can be reused for a lifetime, repaired or recycled. 

Sustainable living is a practical philosophy that aims to reduce personal and societal environmental impact by making positive changes which counteract climate change and other negative environmental concerns.

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Reuse / Objects with an extended time guarantee/ usage versatility / iconic style and design that will get value as a collectible in the second hand market. An object with a long life uses less material than several short-lived replacements and is more affordable on the long term.

Repair / Objects that can be easily maintained and repaired. Manufacturers can supply spare parts to extend its life. 

Recycle - Root / Glass and metal can be recycled. Wood is renewable and biodegradable. Organic Colors are safe and there is no release of harsh chemicals in the environment.

Reduce / No need for tons of things when you have a good  and functional tool. An object designed with less material could be made smaller (or thinner) and still do the same job. We limit the plastic packaging to the minimum and aim to eliminate it.

Reinvent/Rethink / Is there a better way to solve this problem that is less damaging to the environment? We are grateful to the worldwide Zero Waste movement and its inspiring people. The sum of our individually imperfect actions has a sustainable impact collectively to support present and future generations.

Let's rethink our consumption patterns and reduce them together!