Duralex, the Unbreakable Icon

Duralex is the specialist of tempered glass tableware since 1945.
Honestly, the most iconic, functional and long-lasting glasses in the world.

From Versailles to your table

Saint Gobain (The manufacture of materials for Versailles Hall of Mirrors and Louvre Pyramid, nothing less!) a pioneer in the tempered glass technology, registered the Duralex brand to adapt the process to the tableware production. Since we are talking history here, a little Latin reference: Duralex brand name is taken from the motto, "Dura Lex Sed Lex" (The law is tough, but it is the law). Its reputation is based on the very quality of its products: resistance to extreme temperatures and shocks. The original publicity for the glasses in the Fifties claimed that they could be "used as hammers"!


Fully recyclable glass

Duralex products are sand-based soda-lime, sodium carbonate and calcium carbonate glass. All the components are sourced as close as possible to the processing plant, 99% in France, to reduce carbon footprint. So Duralex glass, unlike boron-based culinary or pharmaceutical glass, is fully recyclable. We need your help to recycle Duralex glass.


Transparent production practices

Protection of environment and natural resources which is critical to our well-being and those of future generations, is a core concern of Duralex and its employees.Their raw and processed materials are a key priority, as are energy and air quality. They also recycle their own glass and reintroduce it into their in-house composition. This gives us another reason to toast to this company (pick your drink and your favorite Tumbler). 

Icons of Timeless and Straightforward Design 

The first tumbler launched by Duralex was the Gigogne in 1946. In just a few decades, it passed from school cafeterias to the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris. It recently made its appearance at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.
The Picardie tumbler embodies the "Original French tumbler" abroad. It has become truly emblematic of French style, like the beret or striped sailor shirt. Its easily identifiable curved shape has made countless appearances in film classics, from the Nouvelle Vague and more recently in the James Bond movie Skyfall. 


True Icons never break.

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