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Binikit Biosourced Cutlery Kit

Binikit Biosourced Cutlery Kit

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The Binikit Biosourced Cutlery Kit is your sustainable companion for on-the-go dining. Each kit includes a fork, knife, spoon, and chopsticks, made from plant-based materials. The fork features sturdy tines for easy piercing, while the knife boasts a sharp blade for effortless cutting. The spoon is designed with a comfortable grip and a hollow center for perfect scoops, while the chopsticks offer excellent grip.

Compact and lightweight, the Binikit Biosourced Cutlery Kit comes in a convenient carrying case, making it perfect for picnics, travel, work lunches, and more. Say goodbye to disposable plastic utensils and hello to stylish, reusable alternatives that make a positive impact.

  • Made in France. Designed by Margaux Keller.
  • Food-safe, sustainable, plant-based materials. Dishwasher Safe.
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