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Manhattan Lowball Tumbler 31cl x6

Manhattan Lowball Tumbler 31cl x6

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The Duralex Manhattan is a lowball cocktail glass (aka the whisky glass, the rocks glass, the old-fashioned glass). Named after the Manhattan drink, its faceted design lets any cocktail drink speak for itself. Toughened through a tempering process, the Manhattan Lowball is made to pass the test of time with its elegant style.

  • Thermal shock resistant from -4 F to 212 F.   
  • 100% recyclable glass. 
  • 30.5cl Ø 8.4 cm H 8.5 cm - 10 7/8 Oz. Ø3 1/2" H3 1/3"
  • Made in France by Duralex.  
  • Set of 6 lowball glasses.
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