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Filt, Tradition and Innovation

A Net for everything

Filt have been manufacturing nets and ropes in Normandie, since 1855.
They have constantly innovate to improve strength and resistance of their nets for different activities: safety, car, yachting and medical use. Certified ISO 9001/2000 since 2001, Filt checks constantly the quality and the traceability of their products.

Weaving values

Filt endorses a Corporate Social Responsibility by working closely all year long with a rehabilitation workshop and a workshop employing disabled persons. You will find the name of each seamstress sewed in each Filt bag!

Worldwide recognition

Filt comes from a tradition of fishing nets in Normandy, just nearby Mont Saint Michel.

Today’s manufacturing process is extremely sophisticated. 

Their craftsmanship is recognized and the quality of their products is recognized worldwide!


Often imitated but never duplicated.

Demand the authentic Filt net bag!