The Nogent*** brand is a guarantee of performance and reliability recognized in the world for paring knives, peelers, can openers, steak and table knives. The Nogent*** knives and can openers have been in the kitchen of three generations of French families. Look for their lifetime guarantee.

Cutlery tradition in Champagne

In 1923, Monsieur Louis André, Best Craftsman of France, founded the Manufacture of NOGENT*** in Champagne, France. The abundance of iron ores, the large forests, the hydraulic force of rivers, the sandstone that gives the cutting edge to the tool allow the metallurgical activity to flourish since the Middle Ages in this region of Champagne. Nowadays the factory is still located in the same place, the name of the street is the name of the founder of the factory.


Sourcing and Manufacturing in France

Today all Nogent Knives are 100% manufactured in France. Each year no fewer than 2 million pieces are produced with highly efficient machines designed by company engineers and extremely strict quality control. Nogent*** is committed to an environmental approach to energy savings and water treatment.

They source the best quality raw materials such as beveled steel, with a high percentage of carbon and molybdenum.  They manufacture the blades, the rivets and the handles. For the wood handles, they use solid natural hornbeam and beech that are sourced locally from responsibly managed forests, certified by FSC and PEFC. The wood dries for one year before manufacture (the drier the wood is, highest is the quality, a lifetime use). All the handles are guaranteed not to come off. 

What do the 3 stars of Nogent*** stand for?

If you find out, we will offer you a pocket knife!

The FSC label provides an assurance that the wood products you purchase come from responsible sources and have been verified to meet FSC’s strict environmental and social standards.