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Serious Eats best Can openers

We won’t lie—a can opener is hardly an exciting piece of kitchen equipment. But we’ve all spent enough time fumbling with janky ones to know the minor frustration that’s possible. And a truly terrible one? A can opener that warps the metal instead of cutting through it, or one that can’t navigate the rounded corners and variable curves of rectangular and oval tins? That kind of can opener can derange a person. Before you know it, a well-adjusted individual with no criminal history at all will be driven to commit 10 different violent felonies against the can, employing an ever more creative range of household weapons just to get inside.

The Best Ambidextrous Traditional Rotary Can Opener: Nogent Classic Service Super Kim Can Opener

At around two inches square, the French-made Super Kim fits into the most packed kitchen drawer. While it requires a use or two before latching it on becomes second nature, this model’s rubber-coated thumbwheel is comfortable to twist and turns smoothly. The Super Kim cuts about as quickly as the full-size versions we tested. While it’s ambidextrous, lefties have to crank toward themselves to use it, which might feel awkward at first.

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