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Coutellerie Cognet

Douk-Douk Color Utility Pocket Knife, 200mm

Douk-Douk Color Utility Pocket Knife, 200mm

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The Douk-Douk handcrafted in France, is lightweight and slim, making it an ideal pocket knife for everyday use. Originally created in 1929 by Gaspard Cognet, it was intended to be an affordable option for ordinary working people. The handle includes a depiction of a "Douk-Douk", a Melanesian spirit. Its design was inspired by the engraving in an illustrated dictionary. The stainless steel blade showcases an etched arabesque blade with Douk Douk engravings, and its slip joint construction is in both closed and 90-degree positions. The Douk-Douk Knife embodies the legacy of French knife-making excellence.

  • Hand Made in Thiers, France.
  • 6cm (2.5") ultra-strong stainless steel blade. Coloured resin-coated handle.
  • 9 cm closed - 16 cm open (3.5" closed - 6.5" open)
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