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Roger Orfèvre

Oyster fork set in wood case

Oyster fork set in wood case

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This oyster fork set is perfect for daily or special occasion use thanks to its convenient storage case. The fork's three-tine design (also known as seafood or cocktail forks) makes it perfect for picking up shellfish or shrimp cocktails. Their bevels assist with cutting tendons, while the wide spatula end allows for easy scooping, making it ideal for enjoying oysters. Easily remove the case lid to display the forks at cocktail hour or opt for a more formal setting by placing a single fork on the right side of your plate. 

  • Includes 6 forks in a natural wood case, with a pyrography inscription.
  • Each fork measures 11cm 4 1/4", in dishwasher-safe stainless steel.
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