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Set of stainless steel clothes peg x5

Set of stainless steel clothes peg x5

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The Pincinox clothes peg is unbreakable, stainless, and rust-proof and its hard-wearing spring makes it a peg you can rely on. The Pincinox clothes peg adapts to every laundry line. Thanks to its two fixing areas, its simple design and its easy use, this familiar object, made of food-grade stainless steel, the peg can be used for a wide range of applications: fastening, closing, suspending, displaying, conserving, drying, hanging, holding, decorating, linking up, joining, highlighting… There are so many applications of a Pincinox peg that it is hard to list them all

  • L65mm (2"1/2)- W8 mm - (1/3") each peg.
  • Set of 5.
  • Pincinox is the only stainless steel clothes peg made in France.
  • Food proof, rust-proof stainless steel. Patterned Design.
  • Lifetime guaranteed.
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