Buy for Life Gifts

Offer buy-it-for-life kind of goods. Guaranteed to spark joy for the years to come. 

Nogent Folding scissors Red leather case Made in France Clementine Boutique Canada
Nogent $76.00
Royal Blue
Dark Green
Degrenne Canada Salam White Teapot 4-cup Clementine Boutique
Degrenne from $140.00
White Porcelain - Shiny Stainless Steel Cover
Degrenne Canada Salam Matte Black Teapot 4-cup - Clémentine Boutique
Degrenne Sold Out
Peugeot Saveurs $106.00
Degrenne Canada Salam Black Teapot 4-cup Clementine Boutique
Degrenne Sold Out
Black Porcelain - Matte Stainless Steel Cover
Gifts cards. Made in France sustainable products for home. duralex. nogent. filt. french cooking. french homes. french style. in Canada
Clémentine Boutique from $7.56
Peugeot Saveurs $84.00
Water Set, Moss Green & Mint Green
Air Set, Midnight Blue & Azure Blue
Earth Set, Cocoa & Hazel
Fire Set, Brick and Flame Orange